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For customers:

Are you planning your weekend or party? Now it is possible to book any place in the city through our portal, Diary Reservation, starting from restaurant tables to yacht cruises!

In order to book quickly what you desire, you must choose from a list a city, category, and place and complete the form.

What are the advantages of booking at our website?
- Our list contains various places of interest;
- While making a reservation through our website, you can get discount in a lot of places;
- Completing the booking form is very easy; it does not take much time;
- You can give assessments and determine the rating of one or another place;
- You can see assessments of other users and what is the rating of the place you are interested in;
- You can also give advantage to your favorite place by pressing the Facebook like button!

In addition, we offer our users an opportunity to register on our website your favorite place and afterwards it will be possible for other users to make reservations there through our website.

Request will be sent to a service provider and the user will receive booking confirmation or a refusal within 24 hours.

For any questions or requests, write to our e-mail address: or call: +372 56 299 777

Have a nice time!
Reservation Diary Team

For Service Provider:

Dear Service Providers!

We offer you online reservation book, which can register and approve quickly all incoming reservation applications.

The system works very easily and has many benefits!

- It is possible to avoid duplications in the process;
- Customer can find your service in our catalogue simply;
- We provide our users with full reservation information;
- Booking confirmation through our catalogue guarantees the existence of place or service.

In order that the customer can select just your service, we offer you the opportunity to change details of your business/service (site description, photos, and more). In addition, you can keep your reservation book online, directly in our portal.

We also offer you a professional site with a description of your business in various languages, photos, and three-dimensional panorama.

For more information, please contact by e-mail: or call +372 56 299 777

Wishing good cooperation!
Reservation Diary Team