Last Trends in Restaurant Reservation systems

The Internet reaches all parts of the world and has revolutionized the way we
communicate and function. Presently, different business lines have already
introduced the Internet as a tool that facilitates their tasks.
One of those industries is restaurant business. How did they do it? First, they
have created different social networks where they seek to communicate with
their target audiences so that they can solve doubts about their restaurant or
launch promotions. Most of them have a strong presence in social media and
keep in touch with all of their clients through creative content, videos or
However, one of the most efficient channels on the Internet is the website.
Why? Because it is a landing channel where the customer can get to buy
directly. Forget phone calls about your delivering features, now they can buy
their favorite food with a click away.
Having a restaurant is not an easy task: you have to provide inputs for the
business, find the right staff, provide quality service and many other activities.
However, the most important part of any business is the customer. Without
clients, the company does not work.
That is why the communication you maintain with your customers is relevant.
For example, if a user wants to book a table for a special occasion and
contacts the restaurant by phone, you should respond immediately to clear up
any doubts, as the reservation is probably needed for the same night.
But what happens when you do not answer the customer’s call? Most likely,
that customer will find another restaurant that answers the call and provides
the desired information. Additionally, the client will not return to visit you,
because you developed an image of not solving urgencies on time.
How to avoid such problems
The traditional way of communicating with customers is the telephone.
However, the big disadvantage of this method is that it depends on a person
who is responsible for picking up the phone all day long.
The Internet has come to facilitate and improve communication with the client
in an optimal way. That is why new, innovative tools are being created to help
your client solve their doubts immediately. Tools that do not need you to
respond, but, through an intelligent system, can be resolved quickly.
One of the tools that is revolutionizing the restaurant business is the ReDi
Restaurant Reservation Plug-In, the best solution for your business.

How does this system work?
The ReDi plug-in system allows customers to book a restaurant space online
that you can visualize and manage.
The system works through the use of a plug-in, which, when incorporated into
WordPress, gives you multiple functions. Some plug-ins are putting a web
form, adding an online store, inserting icons and forums into your website,
network icons so you can share the content of a blog, use a cache that allows
you to speed up the loading speed when they enter your website, and much
In this case, the plug-in allows customers to book an online space. So,
customers can see the availability of tables, which is constantly being
updated. Also, according to the time they wish the reservation, they will be
able to see the free spaces. If the table that they want is free, they will be able
to make the reservation. Besides, they are given details of the restaurant and
the service. However, these are not the only innovative tools the system has.
What are the benefits of this plug-in?
● You can monitor the system from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet
or laptop. This feature will allow you to be available at all times and you
can manage reservations, as well.
● The website is updated every 15 minutes, and you can see the
reservations booked immediately. You can also see the detail of each of
the reservations.
● It allows for updating the number of available seats.
● The reservation system will be able to limit reservations within the
availability of your opening hours. When your restaurant is close, your
reservation system will be too.
● You can block reservations from happening. If you have an urgency and
your restaurant will not be functioning you have the option to close your
online reservation system and let customers know the reason.
● An email will be sent when the reservation is confirmed. Therefore,
customers will feel that your restaurant is looking after them.
● The system can send emails in all languages so that it is customized to
the language your client speaks.
● You can send an email with a special birthday promotion through the
MailChimp system. The plug in will give you an updated database that
will help you stay communicated via email with all your customers and
provide them specific information.