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Our plugin is made from scratch by our programmer team and is fully automated. This means that client do not need to wait for an answer, call, email – he gets it in the same second on the same window. Moreover, restaurant workers not needed in this process – system calculates and sends and answer automatically. 
Most of other, so called “reservation plugin”, work as an email sending form – client send a request, your personal need to validate everything and send an answer via email or a telephone call. This process takes much more time, efforts and percentage of client lose.

There is a few factors that affect this:
– Check late reservations settings. For example if it’s 24h then obvious no reservation for today is allowed
– Check you WordPress time from settings. It should match your local time

Best option is to use Loco Translate plugin. This plugin shows all text from plugin that can be translated.

This is an indicator that page has some java script errors that breaks plugin functionality. Open in Google Chrome developer tools, and you will see all errors from console. Fix the errors then try booking form again.

Time format is taken from WordPress time format. Change it in generic settings.

Please edit email template and remove tag #END_TIME#

All plugins styles are in file restaurant.css that is located in plugin directory css. You need to change styles in this file.